Development and certification assistance

Fint performs assistance in all stages in fieldbus project development, from specification phase, through design and testing and finally certification

Fint has over 25 years experience in fieldbus technology and supports HART®, WirelessHART®FOUNDATION Fieldbus®, PROFIbus® and CAN. Fint has also developed its own ISIbus® concept, the high speed fieldbus for rough and hazardous environments.

Fint may deliver complete hardware and software documentation, manufacturing drawings, training, certification consulting, large scale manufacturing of electronic modules and customer service and support. Fint has the know-how, and it customizes to your specific requirements ensuring your success in the marketplace.

Exploit Fint’s unique engineering expertise:

Minimize time to market
Maximize fieldbus compatibility and competitiveness
Fint has been a member of Fieldbus Foundation, HART Communication Foundation and PROFIbus Organization since 1995. Fint’s technology and fieldbus modules have passed conformance tests and interoperability tests at accredited test labs