T710 Modbus RTU to Foundation DIN rail mounted gateway

T710 is a complete transmitter module. It allows interfacing up to 4 Modbus instruments. It generates a measured variable including a status variable indicating the quality of the measurement.

T710 includes a Modbus master in order to communicate with a Modbus RTU instrument. The module reads the variables from the instrument and converts this to a dynamic variable on FF. Four AI Function Blocks are supported. Other Function blocks can be added on request.The location of the Modbus registers and data type of the Modbus variable can be configured from any FF configurator. The T710 is tested against ITK 6.12.

The Primary Variable (PV) will be continuously read and updated. Any Modbus communication problem will be reported in the FF Diagnostics message.

Up to ten Modbus registers can be configured as read/write registers for general instrument set-up.

The T710 supports alarm flagging in the module. The user can configure four alarm levels using a standard configuration tool.

The T710 supports low-pass filtering in the module. The user can configure the damping value using a standard configuration tool.

The T710 supports four blocks of consequetive registers for set-up purposes. Parameters have read
and right access. It is one block of data per connected Modbus instrument.  The registers may be password protected.

The physical interface is RS 485.

Slide and DIP switches are used for bus terminations and setting the device in Simulation Mode.

The T710 can be set-up from any FF host system. No special programming is thus required.


The T710 is intended for integration of existing Modbus instruments into FOUNDATION fieldbus network. It is intended for system integrators that are building Fieldbus Foundation based systems and for manufacturers of measurement devices who want to offer their Modbus instruments to be applied in an FF network.


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