T610_C FF built-in module for customized applications

General description

The T610_C is a built-in module for interfacing Modbus or HART transmitters to a FOUNDATION Fieldbus network

There are options for using RS485, RS232 or pure CMOS UART communication.

Fint provides drivers with HART Master or Modbus Master functionality.Numbers and types of Function Blocks may be engineered for any transmitter or actuator type.

If you have a simple application and do not think customization is necessary, you should consider use “the ready to go module”, the T610.

The T610_C is an OEM module intended for Modbus or HART instruments that shall be upgraded to interface to FOUNDATION fieldbus.

The T610_C comes with:

Galvanic isolation or Power supply for the instrument, 3.3Vdc ( only for low power consuming devices).

The electrical interface should be CMOS.


  1. Mechanical size                                round card 65 mm
  2. Mounting                                          three 3.0 mm screws
  3. Operating temperature range          -40 C to + 85 C
  4. Loop current draw                           20 mA

Instrument interfacing options:

For Galvanic isolation:

  • T610_C01      RS 232 instrument interfacing
  • T610_C02      CMOS instrument interfacing
  • T610_C03      RS485 instrument interfacingInstrument power option:
  • T610_C12      CMOS instrument interfacing

Technical data (prepared for):

Electrical data

Prepared for EMC compatibility according to

EN 61000-4-3

EN 61000-4-4

EN 61000-4-5

EN 61000-4-6

Industrial environment

EN 55022

Light-industry environment


FF functionality included:

  1. Alarms
  2. Low pass filtering
  3. Unit conversion
  4. Range
  5. User calibration
  6. Diagnostic information


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