ST41 Starter kit for T410

ST41 is a tutorial kit for Profibus PA transmitter developers and users. It comprises a PC program, providing the human interface and a transmitter circuit board, the T410. A Modbus instrument may be connected directly toT410. The Modbus interface must be configured to fit the application.

The ST41 is a tool suited for learning the Profibus protocol and to provide guidance for an instrument vendor that shall specify Profibus functionality in own products.

The Starter kit comes with the PROFITool, Master Class 1 and Class 2 software. It also contains the DLL, a Master protocol driver, the FNL Fieldbus Link, enabling connectivity between the PC Master and Profibus DP and the Segment coupler, enabling connectivity between Profibus PA and Profibus DP. The software will instruct the user in how to use the ProfiIbus protocol, the PA profiles, the Function Blocks and the Transducer Blocks.

The T410 is a transmitter board. In order to connect it to a Modbus RTU instrument, the user must configure the Modbus communication registers.

The T410 supports RS485, RS232 or pure CMOS. The circuit board comprises a Renesas M16C µcontroller, which runs the protocol and the application.

T410 features:

  • Modbus Master functionality
  • Can communicate with up to 4 Modbus slaves
  • Wide range of Profibus configurations possible
  • Transfers dynamic data in both directions.

The Starter kit allows a fast and direct route to field trials and market-ready Profibus products.