New Foundation Fieldbus(FF) Stack for ARM Cortex processors successfully conformance tested at FieldComm Group

Fieldbus International and its cooperation partner Fieldbus Inc. have engineered a Stack and Function Block Application solution that provides the fastest and most cost efficient path to achieving a fully compliant FF field device. If you are considering developing a new FF device or upgrading an existing one, you should read more about our ARM based solutions.

ARM processors are widely used for embedded applications in process automation as they provide the best features and high performance with lower power and lower cost than other alternatives.


The H1 Link Master Stack for ST Microelectronics STM32 (ARM Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4) processors includes an improved Link Active Scheduler (LAS) and support for both UFC100 (Aniotek) and SPC42 (Siemens) fieldbus controllers. Both the H1 Link Master Stack (with LAS) and H1 Basic Stack (without LAS) have successfully completed conformance testing at the FieldComm Group. The H1 Link Master and H1 Basic Stacks are also available and conformance tested for Motorola (now NXP) 68331 and Renesas m16c processors.


The communication stacks are licensed as a one-time buyout in executable, object or source code form.