FDI in action: Forget the burden with supporting different solutions (DD, DTM, FDT) for managing information from your field devices.

Now you may operate with just ONE design flow, The FDI (Field Device Integration) package will replace expensive and cumbersome DTM development. You may focus on your specific product features instead of host specific requirements and let Fint take care of the field integration. It is straightforward, without any modifications of your device, and affordable to upgrade your existing DD to FDI package. FDI makes life easier for all device manufacturers.

Applying the FieldComm Group’s FDI tool box, Fint has developed a series of protocol converters Modbus to Profibus DP and PA, and HART to Profibus DP and PA) supporting the FDI package.

The FDI package is developed in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) ensuring a streamlined development process, starting with the existing DD. You edit the DD and may add enhanced features and you end up with an encoded file build package. No software programming, only a file. No risk for overwriting program code. You may read more about FDI at www.fieldcommgroup.org.

Example, FDI package for the T511 protocol converter.fdi