A new product in the White Series gateways, an enhanced T511

Fint proudly announces its new and enhanced T511 DIN rail mounted protocol converter which enables your Modbus RTU devices to communicate with a Profibus PLC. All Profibus data rates are supported.

The T511 acts as a Modbus Master and a Profibus Slave. You may connect up to four Modbus devices to one gateway. T511 supports diagnostic information according to Namur NE 107. Profibus DP-V0 and DP-V1 configuration services are supported.  Slide and DIP switches makes Modbus/Profibus termination and Profibus address setting straightforward.

The T511 is in particular suited for demanding process control applications where most Profibus gateways in the market do not comply.

Please contact us for information about price and specifications.